Key MAP:  (Rep) is replace and (RS) is Raise. ( L) Lower

Note: Monday through Friday Prices are below. Saturday prices do not reflect these prices and are different.

Have a leak or other sprinkler related problem? Have an expert come over to diagnose what is going on?
Option A (Service visit)- work to be done the same day *$95*

$95 is a minimum fee to diagnose a sprinkler related problem and is broken up as follows.

The first $47.50 to diagnose issue by system evaluation & process of elimination within 30 minutes. If it takes longer than 30 minutes to diagnose the issue the full $95.00 charge will be charged for the service before repairs.

Option B (System evaluation)- work to be done on a different day *$75*

Have a expert come out to evaluate your system and make recommendations for the best optimal coverage. A Estimate will be provided and the timer will be program to fit the current season.
(RS) Head 4″ $15
(RS) Head 6″ $25
(RS) Head 12″ $35
(RS) ROTOR $20
(L) HEADS (RS+$10) $25
(REP) Nozzle $8
(REP) Pop Up 4″ $20
(REP) Pop Up 6″ $30
(REP) Pop Up 12″ $40
(REP ) ROTOR $35
Convert to poly (PP) $35
ADD HEAD (1-5) FT $75
MOVE HEAD (1-5) FT $55
Each Add (1-5) FT $15
(REP) (Dia & (Sol) $195
(REP) Solenoid $125
(REP) Valve Cut Out $250
(REP) Valve Cover Lid $20
Back-FLOW 1″ $295
Back-FLOW KIT $150
(Leak) flex line $35
(Leak) PVC (Starts at) $95

(Leak) PVC (Lateral line) $75
(Contr) 6 Station $275
(Contr) 8 Station $295
(Contr) 12 Station $375

(Rachio) 8 Station $395
(Rachio) 16 Station $495
Cap Head $25
Cap Line $45
Valve locate FEE $45