Key MAP:  (Rep) is replace and (RS) is Raise. ( L) Lower

Note: Monday through Friday Prices are below. Saturday prices do not reflect these prices and are different.

Have a leak or other sprinkler related problem? Have an expert come over to diagnose what is going on?
The price reflected below is a minimum fee to diagnose a sprinkler related problem and is broken up as follows.

*$47.50 to diagnose issue by system evaluation & process of elimination within 30 minutes. If it takes longer than 30 minutes to diagnose the issue the full $95.00 will be charged for the service before repairs.
*$47.50 of this charge goes toward repairs if it takes within 30 minutes to diagnose.

(RS) Head 4″ $15
(RS) Head 6″ $25
(RS) Head 12″ $35
(RS) ROTOR $20
(L) HEADS (RS+$10) $10
(REP) Nozzle $8
(REP) Pop Up 4″ $20
(REP) Pop Up 6″ $30
(REP) Pop Up 12″ $40
(REP ) ROTOR $35
Convert to poly (PP) $30
ADD HEAD (1-5) FT $55
Each Add (1-5) FT $15
(REP) (Dia & (Sol) $195
(REP) Diaphgram $150
(REP) Solenoid $125
(REP) Valve Cut Out $250
(REP) Valve Cover $20
Back-FLOW 1″ $275
Back-FLOW KIT $150
(Leak) flex line $35
(Leak) PVC (Per Hr) $95
(Contr) 6 Station $250
(Contr) 8 Station $275
(Contr) 12 Station $325
Cap Head $25
Valve locate FEE $45
Wireless Rain Sen $175



Upfront Specials:
Rachio Smart Controller $375 Value
Upgrade your controller to a smart controller on your first visit and get the setup free.
Rachio Wireless flow meter $250.00 Value
Take guessing your amount of water usage out of the equation. With the Rachio flow meter, you will be able to track the number of gallons your system uses year round. Receive alerts when you have a problem
-Add a flow meter with your Rachio Smart-Controller on your first service and get the setup free.